Academic Life

The idyllic setting of the college coupled with the state-of-the-art equipment and teaching aids not only provides best academic infrastructure but also is conducive to the quality of teaching and learning. All the lecture theatres and classrooms are properly networked and wi-fi enabled with audio visual tools to enhance the teaching-learning experience. The CoE, IT infrastructure and library provide adequate support to the faculty and  the students with up-to-date knowledge and information facilitating learning, research and consultancy. Simulation softwares are available to help students relate to real-life dynamics while taking business decisions. The modern seminar halls and auditoriums are centers where experts from industry and academia frequently share their life experiences.

There is a research fund put in place to nurture and harness the talent of the students and faculty members of various disciplines. The organization provides requisite facilities for promoting basic research and cross-fertilization of ideas. This is done with R&D agencies of various sectors to broadbase and enrich the knowledge base. The institute provides grants-in-aid for collaborative/individual work related to futuristic frontline research having application in the new world class systems.