Transparency Policy


Student admission (Input quality) will be addressed through:
  • Integrated Campus
  • An improved communications network
All round development of students through:
  • Student activities master plan
  • Emphasis on extra-curricular programs for students.
  • Centralized student services
  • Improved academic advising system
Post-graduation needs (placement/higher study) of students through development of:
  • Career services center (Placement and Career development)
  • Improved alumni services


  • Increase Bachelor’s Degree programs.
  • Introduce Master’s programs.
  • Continue the development of degree programs using the continuous quality improvement process.
  • Recruit and retain qualified faculty
  • Develop immersion programs appropriate for market.
  • Emphasize on Research activities.

Collaboration and Partnership:

  • Enrich student learning through short term training and dual certification programs through educational Institutes /    industries inside the country and beyond.
  • Develop and implement executive training and continuing education opportunities to meet the community demands    throughout the region.
  • Develop and implement a industry-interaction plan.
  • Seek additional grants from National and International agencies.
  • Seek ways to partner with higher educational Institutions on educational programs and information technology.

Campus Environment:

  • CVRCE will develop on its facilities and Building Master Plan.
  • CVRCE will develop an Information Service Master Plan
  • CVRCE will develop a cultural and community outreach Master Plan.

Communication to students, teachers, staff and other stake holders:

Mission and Vision of the College are communicated to all its stakeholders through its website, brochures and activities that translate the above into various practices adopted all around the Institution.